Land Dispute Turns Deadly: Woman Allegedly Buried Alive in Pune District

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Rajgad, 31st May 2024: A young woman was buried alive due to a land dispute in Kondhawale village of Rajgad taluka has shocked the community. The incident unfolded when individuals attempted to seize a piece of land, which was already embroiled in a legal dispute, by employing a JCB and tractor.

At the scene, a 22-year-old woman witnessed the attempted land seizure. In a horrifying turn of events, as the JCB began pouring soil, 25 to 30 people were involved in the attempt to bury her alive. The victim and her family assert that this was indeed the intention of the assailants. Remarkably, even with the presence of the police, the incident escalated. A video of the incident has since gone viral, showing the woman buried up to her waist.

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The victim’s family immediately reported the incident to the Velhe Police Station. However, no crime has yet been registered. Suspicions arise regarding potential political influence from the opposing party in this matter. In response, the police have stated their commitment to gather all relevant information and take appropriate action.