Vote Counting Arrangements Finalized for Pune District’s Four Lok Sabha Constituencies

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Pune, 31st May 2024: Pune District Collector and District Election Officer Dr Suhas Diwase announced that the counting of votes for all four Lok Sabha constituencies in the district will take place on 4th June, and the election system is fully prepared for the task.

Dr Diwase addressed the media representatives at the collector’s office, alongside DCP (Zone 2) Smartana Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rohidas Pawar, Deputy District Election Officer Meenal Kalaskar, and others.

The counting for Baramati and Pune Lok Sabha constituencies will occur at the godown of the Food Corporation of India in Koregaon Park. For the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency, the counting will be at the godown of Maharashtra State Warehousing Corporation in Ranjangaon, Shirur, while for the Maval Lok Sabha constituency, it will be in the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Balewadi.

In the morning, the strong rooms containing EVM machines and postal ballot boxes will be opened in the presence of election inspectors and returning officers. Postal voting and counting of ETPBS votes will commence at 8 am, followed by EVM counting at 8:30 AM. All activities in the counting room will be extensively monitored by CCTV cameras and video recording.

Round-wise statistics of election counting will be announced periodically through loudspeakers from the counting centre location. Candidates, election representatives, and counting staff are strictly prohibited from carrying mobile phones into the counting centre. Only authorized individuals with valid identity cards will be allowed entry.

Separate counting tables will be arranged for each assembly constituency within each Lok Sabha constituency. Maval Lok Sabha will have 116 tables, Pune Lok Sabha will have 112, Baramati will have 124, and Shirur will have 112 tables for the counting process.

Maval will see 24 tables each for Panvel and Chinchwad Vidhan Sabha Constituencies with 23 rounds of counting. Similarly, 14 tables and 24 rounds will be designated for Karjat and Uran Vidhan Sabha Constituencies, and 16 tables for Maval and Pimpri Vidhan Sabha Constituencies with 25 rounds for Pimpri. Additionally, 8 tables will be allocated for postal and ETPBS vote counting.

For Pune Lok Sabha, tables will be allocated as follows: 22 for Wadgaon Sheri, 14 for Shivajinagar and Pune Cantonment, 20 for Kothrud, 18 for Parvati Vidhan Sabha constituencies, and 10 for postal and ETPBS counting. Each constituency will undergo 20 rounds of counting.

In Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, there will be 14 tables and 23 rounds for Daund, 16 tables and 21 rounds for Indapur, 18 tables and 22 rounds for Baramati, 20 tables and 22 rounds for Purandar, and 24 tables and 24 rounds for Khadakwasla Vidhan Sabha Constituencies.

For Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency, there will be 14 tables and 25 rounds for Junnar, 14 tables and 24 rounds for Ambegaon, 16 tables and 24 rounds for Khed-Alandi, 16 tables and 27 rounds for Shirur, 20 tables and 23 rounds for Bhosari, and 20 tables and 26 rounds for Hadapsar Vidhan Sabha Constituencies. Postal and ETPBS vote counting will be conducted on 12 tables.

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Recruitment of manpower for vote counting has resulted in the appointment of 2,070 individuals for EVM vote counting.

Parking arrangements have been made for candidates, their representatives, and citizens attending the vote counting of Pune and Baramati Lok Sabha constituencies. Various locations with capacities ranging from 600 to 900 vehicles have been designated for parking. Traffic diversion plans have been put in place to avoid congestion, and Dr Diwase has appealed for cooperation from citizens to ensure a smooth process.