Late Mr. Atur Sangtani Contributed to the Growth of Symbiosis, says Dr. S.B. Mujumdar.

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Pune: 17 February 2021: I had approached many industrialists for financial help but no one helped me except Mr. Atur Sangtani. He gave rupees five thousand as his first donation to Symbiosis, which helped us a lot at that period of time.  As he belonged to the construction industry he built all the buildings of Symbiosis on a no profit – no loss basis, said Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder & President of Symbiosis.

He was talking at the Centenary Program of Late Mr. Atur Sangtani organized by Symbiosis at Vishwabhavan, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Mujumdar said, Mr. Atur Sangtani not only loved Symbiosis but created affection towards the Mujumdar Family. He actually contributed to the growth of Symbiosis. Mr. Sangtani used to give temporary loans to Symbiosis without charging any Interests. He also offered Scholarships and Prizes to the students. Mr. Sangtani’s association with Symbiosis was till the end of his life.  When Mr. Sangtani passed away we gave his name to one of our buildings which is the landmark in the Model Colony as “Atur Centre” and today on his 100th Birth Anniversary, I announce that Symbiosis will establish “Institute Chair” at Symbiosis Institute of Technology in the name of Mr. Atur Sangtani, Dr. Mujumdar added further in his speech.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director of Symbiosis in her opening remarks mentioned how Advocate Ram Jethmalani was introduced to Symbiosis by Mr. Atur Sangtani.  She also shared incidences when Dr. Mujumdar and her mother Mrs. Mujumdar used to visit Mr. Santani at his office and also at his residence whenever they needed any assistance.  In our life we all need a hand on our shoulder to grow and Dr. Mujumdar had Mr. Atur Sangtani’s hand on his shoulder, Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar,added further.

Ms. Nalini Gera, daughter of Mr. Atur Sangtani said, my father always taught me to believe in the goodness of the people and always remain non-judgmental. Never judge people harshly. Talking at the occasion Mr. Sangtani’s grandson Mr. Rajiv Sangtani said, his grandfather’s feelings towards humanity really stand out. He gave thanks to Dr. Mujumdar and his family members for celebrating the centenary of his grandfather.

Mr.Firoz Poonawalla who was present for the centenary said, this is the remarkable tribute organized by Symbiosis to Mr. Atur Sangtani who contributed greatly in the Construction Industry.  He was the pioneer of the Apartment System in Pune City. Mr. Sangtani was so generous that never said no to anybody who approached him for any kind of help, Mr. Poonawalla added further.