Learning and Development Is Falling Behind the Needs of Today’s Organizations

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Mumbai, March 30, 2018 Two-thirds of today’s organizations have not thoroughly embedded learning into their corporate cultures, according to new research conducted by HR.com in partnership with corporate learning technology company, Skillsoft. Based on survey responses from 722 participating HR and Training professionals, the complimentary whitepaper, Supporting the Modern Learner,” is now available for download.

The study found that just eight percent of respondents describe learning and development (L&D) in their organizations as excellent, while 45 percent label it as mediocre or worse. Organizations in which learning is embedded are even rarer. Only 35 percent of participants said that learning is a part of their company culture to very high or high extent.

“Never in the history of the world has the ability to learn been more important,” said Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of HR.com. “Information changes daily, along with new technology in a fast-moving, global marketplace. Employees need to be able to learn quickly and on the fly if their organizations are to survive and succeed. Yet, L&D is failing to keep up with these needs in most organizations.”

The study found that, despite massive technological changes, instructor-led training remains the most frequently used training method, followed by online courses. Relatively few organizations take advantage of the latest technologies or learning paradigms. Only about two-fifths of respondents, for example, said their organizations use mobile learning, even though smartphones and tablet computers are pervasive.

And only about a quarter of firms say they use micro-learning–that is, short bursts of learning two to five minutes in length–to help train employees. Even fewer (22 percent) personalize their learning for individuals to a high or very high extent. That is despite the fact that personalized learning is linked to higher quality L&D.

“The results of this study support our belief that modern learners benefit most from scenario-based micro-learning offered in multiple modalities and with the same immersive experience that they have become accustomed to from consumer brands like Google, Amazon, and Netflix,” said Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Creative Officer for the Skillsoft Group. “Offering content and platforms aimed at enhancing the learning experience and making learning frictionless go hand-in-hand with making the most of employees’ precious time and create lasting change in their organizations.”