Let’s make life healthy by adopting Yoga :  Fadnavis

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Nanded, June 21, 2019 – Stating that Yoga should have importance in everyone’s life, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Friday said that let us all make an effort to transform our lives into healthy and disease-free for ever by adopting Yoga.

International Yoga day was celebrated at Nanded by State Government along with various social, religious and educational institutions and organizations. He was addressing the celebrations which was also attended by Yogaguru Swami Ramdevbaba, MP Prataprao Patil-Chikhlikar, MLA Dr Tushar Rathod and thousands of Yoga followers.

Chief Minister Fadnavis said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi mooted the proposal in United Nations to celebrate Yoga Day at international level and this proposal was cleared in UN in minimum time. He said that today Yoga is beinf practised in more than 150 countries for healthy life.

Fadnavis said that Ramdevbaba immediately accepted state Government’s request to come for the International Yoga day celebrations in state. Chief minister told that Baba Ramdev was happy when he came to know that Yoga day is celebrated at Nanded. Thanking Baba Ramdev for his presence, Fadnavis said that Baba Ramdev took the ancient heritage of India in Yoga to global level and we are proud of him. Fadnavis appealed it to people of Nanded to resolve for adopting Yoga for healthy life.

Stating that India is marching to become a spiritual superpower through Yoga which is an ancient faculty, Baba Ramdev said that India is becoming socially, economically and diplomatically more secured. He said that India would become most powerful nation in the World between 2040 and 2050.

Stating that regular Yoga provides energy to human body, Baba Ramdev said that if mind and body are healthy, life expectancy also increases. He appealed everyone to perform Yoga for making one’s life happy and healthy.

Baba Ramdev also appealed everyone to adopt Yoga, humanity, Nationalism and Service to others as a way of life to mark International Yoga day.

Yoga camp in Golden Book of Records

The previous world record of 91 thousand 323 persons performing Yoga was broken during Today’s International Yoga day celebrations camp at Nanded. Baba Ramdev on Friday taught Yoga postures (Yogasane) to more than 1.10lakh persons at Nanded at one time and it would be a new record.

According to Manish Vishnui , the representative of Golden Book of Record, who undertook headcount by using Drone and as per primary estimates, there were more than 1.10lakh persons at Nanded celebrations on Friday. Vishnui handed over certification of Golden Book for new record created by people of Nanded to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Baba Ramdev.

Fadnavis and Baba Ramdev released Pavani, a book brought out by Ayush department. Patanjali through Swadeshi Samruddhi Card provides help to Patanjali voluntary workers and a Patanjali worker who was injured in road accident was provided help of Rs. 5 lakh by Patanjali. Chief Minister Fadnavis handed over cheque of Rs. 5 lakhs to the injured worker.

Mera Jeevan-Mera Mission

Chief Minister Fadnavis released cover page of Mera Jeevan Mera Mission, the autobiography of Baba Ramdev. The booking of this autobiography started today and chief minister Fadnavis announced that he is booking 100 copies of this book today.

Chief Minister Fadnavis and Baba Ramdev lighted traditional lamp to mark inauguration of International Yoga Day celebrations at Nanded. Baba Ramdev started with Yoging-Jogging which provides energy to entire body and all the participants along with Chief Minister Fadnavis performed various Yoga postures including Yoging-Jogging. Baba Ramdev trained participants which included teachers and students along with senior citizens, women, government officials and employeesin various postures including Surya Namaskar, Garudasan, Vrukshasan, Tad-Aasan, Trikanasan.

MP Prataprao Patil-Chikhlikar wlecomes the guests while Dr Jaideep Arya compered the program. There were around 1.5 to 2 lakh people attended this program.