Lifestyle Management is important for treating diabetes; Dr. Jagannath Dixit

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Pune, 3rd July 2023: Diabetes can be controlled without medicines. Only diet, exercise and consistency in both should be maintained. Thus, lifestyle management is the key to treat diabetes, said Dr. Jagannath Dixit, a senior public health expert during a function held at Sancheti Hall, Indian Medical Association, Tilak Road yesterday. Dr Dixit was addressing a gathering during a program organized by the Association for Diabetes and Obesity REversal (ADORE) and Infosys Foundation Diabetes Care Program. Senior pediatrician Dr. Jayant Navrange, prominent physician Dr. Narendra Javdekar and Vice President of Infosys, Pune, Pravin Kulkarni were the Chief Guests.

The program was an appreciation ceremony held for the members of the Pune center of ADORE who have successfully moved towards diabetes remission. They narrated their success stories and were felicitated with a certificate. They were also given three coupons for free HbA1c testing.

On this occasion, Dr. Dixit said, “Many members at the Pune center have brought their HbA1c below 6.5 without taking the medication or even after its discontinuation. Being in this state for at least 6 months is technically called ‘Diabetes Remission.’ Our goal is to make at least 1000 patients diabetes free in three years at the Pune center. This is not any crash course but a lifestyle that needs to be followed after being diagnosed with diabetes. According to the latest report, 11.3% of the population in our country is diabetic and 28% is facing the obesity problem. With such a large number of disorders, strategic steps are required to be taken towards the research on preventive measures. Unfortunately the efforts are being taken towards developing new medicines for the treatment.”

“Rather than treating a disease like diabetes with medicines, overcome it with changes in lifestyle”, added Dr. Dixit. This is the aim of our campaign. He urged people diagnosed with diabetes to visit ADORE’s free Diabetes Reversal Counselling Center on Jangli Maharaj Road before starting any medication.

Pravin Kulkarni explained Infosys’ role in supporting Dr. Dixit’s campaign. He also said that 15 more centers will be started in the near future.

Dr. Navrange suggested that diabetics should follow 5 D’s – Decide, Deliberation, Dedication, Devotion and Discipline. “Use these 5 D’s and stay diabetes free” he advised.

Dr. Javdekar said, “Adopting the lifestyle discovered by Dr. Dixit for a challenging disease like diabetes is the best solution. It is necessary to change the lifestyle without being prejudiced about any pathy.”

Shilpa Unkule moderated the program. Vishwas Joshi introduced the guests and Avinash Gokhale gave a vote of thanks.