Pune: Ayurveda proves effective in chronic liver disease treatment, Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic presents research paper at international forum

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Pune, 1st July 2023: A 42-year-old woman from the city had developed ‘Budd-Chiari Syndrome’, a liver disease. This disease causes blood clots in the blood vessels to cut off the blood supply to the liver. Liver transplantation is the only effective option suggested in this situation. Ayurvedic treatment was successful in curing such a patient. The research paper in this regard was presented on the international platform.

What is the disease?
“Budd-Chiari Syndrome” is a chronic liver disease. These patients can die if the patient does not receive proper treatment. This disorder is extremely rare and occurs in one patient in a few lakhs. Its treatment is also very expensive. Specialists in this disorder usually suggest surgery or liver transplant depending on the severity of the disease.

Why patient opted for Ayurved?

The patient consulted various specialist doctors and inquired about its treatment. It was noticed that the disease has worsened. Surgery was the only option in this situation but due to some personal reasons and physical condition she was not able to do this surgery. As the treatment options for this patient were limited, she was left with the question of what to do next.

She decided to take Ayurvedic treatment as none of the currently available medical methods were possible. For that she visited Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic in 2017 and decided to start treatment there. The patient started her treatment at Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Yogesh Bendale and Dr. Ketaki Jagtap.

Line of Treatment
– Budd-Chiari Syndrome treated with scientifically formulated only herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicines.
– While treating according to the principles of Ayurveda, the norms of modern science were also checked from time to time
– Significant improvement in symptoms was observed after about a month of treatment
– Undertook regular treatment under medical supervision for about 3 years.
– After this period, the patient’s condition is clinically good and all the blood clots have completely disappeared at the end of the examination.
– This patient was successful in overcoming this disease by completely ayurvedic treatment and there was no need for liver transplant.

Research Paper
A research paper in this regard by Rasayu Ayurved Clinic has been published in the reputed “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine” peer reviewed research journal in the USA. The publication of international reports based on scientific criteria of this nature will make this information in Ayurveda useful to the general patient as well as to the experts, physicians and researchers working in this field. Also the science of Ayurveda will be recorded at the international level.

“Ayurvedic medicines are often asked for direct evidence regarding their safety and efficacy. Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic is very much aware about this and medical experts as well as society are presenting research papers on scientific test about it. Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic offers treatments based on Ayurvedic principles for patients who are not available or have limitations in conventional medicine. Ayurvedic treatment may be available to patients with such chronic diseases. Research papers are presented at international level to understand this at scientific level. It is believed that getting Ayurveda scientific credibility and getting validation after international level review by experts in those fields will help in global acceptance of Ayurveda”, said Vaidya Dr Yogesh Bendale, Rasayu Ayurveda Clinic, Pune.