Liquor Helped Maharashtra Earn Rs 2362.13 Crore During Lockdown Period

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Pune, September 1, 2020: Remember the mad rush outside liquor shops during the lockdown? Maharashtra government was able to earn Rs 2362.13 crore from liquor sales from April to July despite the lockdown — which is almost 50% less than last year’s revenue.
During lockdown, Maharashtra consumed 1502.52 lakh liters of booze in four months. This is significantly lower than last year, when 3148.25 lakh litre were sold during same period.
As per State Excise Department, people bought liquor worth Rs 3,900 crore in these four months. State declared lockdown on 25 March 2020. After more than one and half month, Maharashtra government gave permission to sell alcohol from 8 May 2020.
As per the data, the department collected revenue of Rs 15,428 crore in 2019-20 from liquor sale. Last year, the department collected Rs 4,875.27 crore in from April to July.
Pune division, which consists of Pune District, Ahmednagar and Solapur district, collected Rs 767.92 crore as revenue, a substantial decrease from Rs 1,067 crore earned in the same period last year.
Between 1 April and 31 July –
– Rs 682.28 crore of country liquor was bought.
– Foreign liquor worth Rs 1568.63 crore was purchased.
– Beer worth Rs 111.23 crore was bought.
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