Liquor home delivery in Pune from May 15, Know how to get liquor permit for this service

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Pune, May 14, 2020: The Maharashtra government has decided to provide home delivery liquor and this decision will be implemented in Pune district from May 15. Home delivery service will be available from 10 am to 5.30 pm. It was clarified that this service will not be available in the containment zone and liquor shops within a distance of 500 meters from this zone. Also, country liquor will not be delivered at home.

District Collector Naval Kishore Ram has ordered home delivery of liquor. As per the decision taken by the state government, doorstep liquor delivery will start from May 15. However, District Collector Ram has laid down some conditions for this. The service will not be available in shops within 500 meters of the containment zone as well as those located inside the containment zone. Wine shop owners will be able to get home delivery service from a maximum of ten employees. District Collector Ram clarified in the order that it is mandatory to conduct a medical examination of the concerned employees.

Wine shopkeepers have been instructed not to charge extra for home delivery service. Citizens are advised to make payment through credit or debit card. The liquor shop employees will be issued an identity card by the state excise department. Collector Ram has said that thermal screening of these employees is mandatory.

This is how you can get a license or liquor permit in Maharashtra

People need to buy a permit (available for Rs 5 for one day at liquor shops). Also, if you want to order home delivery of liquor you need a permit. This license is available at  or You can buy lifetime or one-year liquor permit online through You have to first register on the website.

If a customer does not have this liquor permit, it will be made available by the shopkeepers. WhatsApp, SMS or phone can be used to register alcohol demand. For this, shopkeepers have been instructed to write the number outside the shop. The state excise department has made the e-token facility available for liquor purchasers. This facility is provided on the website Different time is given so that there is no crowding at shops. Now you have both options either you can go to the liquor shop after taking e-token or order home delivery of booze.