Live Yoga, Everyday

By : Akshar – Founder, Chairman, Akshar Yoga

Yoga is an experience in itself. If you are wondering how to bring yoga closer to life, this is what you should know about yoga. No matter how old or young you are, performing and practising different yogasanas support and sustain one’s flexibility. You will be surprised to know we have been doing yoga since we were babies. Be it through those simple stretches or the everyday bending poses, yoga has always been with us. It is therefore unfair to associate yoga with a fitness workout performed on the mat.  At a time when youngsters and elders alike are looking at experimenting with different fitness regimes to gain health, it will be a good idea to incorporate this highly flexible form of exercise into our daily lives.

Limiting yoga between four walls is passé, instead performing yoga while driving to work, cooking at home or while gardening can help you get closer to yoga. Performing (5-10 min) breathing exercises, small moves (nick, hands, legs) can help you relax in a much healthier way. Today, while we are all blaming the changing lifestyle as a reason for an unhealthy living, it is also necessary to realise that we are just cribbing about it but doing nothing to overcome the challenge. By performing yogaasanas with healthy breaks, you will be able to overcome stress and spend the rest of the day cheerfully.

Different forms of Pranayamas, the breathing exercise that emphasizes on inhaling and exhaling, increases oxygen supply to the brain, revitalizing your energy levels and thus making you more active through the day. This is something that could be performed in your leisure time or while you are waiting for your bus, travelling etc. Small stretching and bending exercises could be performed in our day to day work life to balance physical pressure. By bringing yoga closer to lives, you bring health closer to you.

Traveling to work, most of us deliberate on the hundred things we need to close for the day. Most often, as a result, by the time we reach office we are loaded with lot of questions, that you won’t have the right energy or mindset to productively handle the day. Instead of brooding over work while traveling, let in the bliss of yoga to your mind by performing simple asanas which will leave with you with a happy and energized feeling for the rest of the day. While waiting at the traffic signals, you can practice …….. (please suggest). try practicing mindfulness to let things fall into place. Taking deep breaths and counting the process can calm your nerves and provide you with patience to deal with the rest of the day. Apply it while driving, walking to work or taking a cab.

When you are busy working and planning your day-to-day activities, you tend to forget to give the much-needed care your body deserves. Why not pamper your body with some easy workouts sitting at your workstation itself? Simple yoga poses can be practiced while sitting at your desk, just before a meeting or while hustling over to your client/boss’s office. For starters, try a Malasana Variation or Thigh stretch.

One can perform yoga at home while they are involved in different activities like cooking, having food, watching television etc. Yoga while cooking can enhance the individual’s state of mind and elevating positive energy that one can cook an absolutely delicious meal with the simplest ingredients. After an exhausting day, all you need is some me-time watching your favourite TV shows. You could guiltlessly spend time before the idiot box by actually trying some simple yoga stretches like cow face pose, vajrasana etc. and build your muscle core even while you are having your daily dose of entertainment. Some of the asanasa that could be performed while at home are Tadasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Sukhasana etc which will relax your mind and body completely inside out. These asanas help in relaxing the ankles, knees, toes etc bringing balance to the mind and body.

Welcome yoga to your everyday life and you will never crib again about your missed fitness schedules. Let the goodness of yoga, flow into your lives.

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