Lockdown 4: Airlines ready to fly, all crew members will wear PPE kit

Pune airport
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New Delhi, May 17, 2020: Amid lockdown, the central government may soon start domestic flights. The central government had sought a report from the airline companies about their preparations for this. The airline companies on Saturday sent a report to the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The companies have said that they are fully ready to start flights. However, no decision has been made on when these flights will start. The ministry and DGCA have asked for the condition of the aircraft by the airline companies. The companies have to submit a detailed report related to the aircraft to the Ministry and DGCA before starting the flight.

According to the report, Vistara Airlines has the lowest number of 41 aircraft. IndiGo has the highest number of 260 aircraft. Apart from this, SpiceJet has 120 aircraft, Air India group has 155 aircraft. Airline companies have stated in their reports that they were continuously maintaining the aircraft despite the lockdown. Now they are only waiting for the government’s permission.

Passengers and airlines have to take certain precautions when flights are introduced. For this, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all airlines and airport operators. According to the SOP, the Center has asked the airlines not to allow a person above the age of 80 to travel in the first phase of flights.

The SOP stated that it should not be allowed to carry bags in the cabin in the initial phase. If any passenger or staff is showing any sign of infection and green signal is not coming on the Arogya Setu App, then such a person will not be allowed to enter the airport terminal building.

These are the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):
The passenger can carry only one 20 kg bag with him. If any passenger shows any signs of infection, he will not be allowed to travel. It will be compulsory for travellers to download the Arogya Setu App. Travel will be allowed only when the green signal is found in the app. Social distancing will have to be kept in the flight. However, the matter of keeping one seat vacant between two seats for this is not clear in the draft yet. Distance will also have to be kept while laying the line.

Employees on duty will have to wear PPE kits. Only web check-in will happen. Printed boarding passes and check-in baggage will be given only when there is a lot of need. Passengers must wear masks, gloves, shoes, PPE kits, etc. One has to arrive at the airport two hours before the time of travel. The three front seats in the flight should be reserved for passengers with medical emergencies.