Lok Sabha Elections: Three-Tier Security Enforced for EVM Strong Rooms in Pune District

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Pune, 22nd May 2024: The district administration has enforced rigorous three-tier security measures for the strong rooms housing electronic voting machines (EVMs) in preparation for the June 4 counting day.

District Collector and Election Officer Suhas Diwase announced that continuous 24/7 CCTV surveillance and daily inspections by the returning officer are part of a comprehensive strategy to secure the strong rooms located at the FCI godown (covering Pune and Baramati seats), MIDC Ranjangaon warehouse (Shirur seat), and Balewadi sports complex (Maval parliamentary seat).

The collector detailed that the three-tier security system includes personnel from the Central Armed Police Force, the State Reserve Police Force, and the local police, all maintaining a vigilant watch over the strong rooms. Additionally, plastic sheets have been used to protect the strong rooms from water seepage.

Following standard protocol, EVMs were sealed in the presence of candidates’ representatives after polling. Logbooks are maintained at each of the three security tiers, and the CCTV system includes backup and display features.

Recently, Baramati Lok Sabha candidate Supriya Sule raised concerns when a CCTV display was non-functional for about 45 minutes. The Baramati returning officer clarified that although the display unit was temporarily unavailable, the data remained intact and there was no security breach.

In response to a fake message circulating about the Ranjangaon strong room, the collector reiterated that strict action would be taken against those spreading or forwarding such false information.

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To ensure transparency and address any security concerns, Diwase mentioned that EVMs are brought to the strong rooms post-polling, and candidates’ representatives are permitted to review the CCTV footage upon presenting security passes.