‘LPF 9th Batch of LILA Girls flying to UK for the ‘Peace Ambassadors – Leadership Program’

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13  Aug 2019, Pune: Lila Poonawalla Foundation in collaboration with the ASHA Centre, UK started the ‘Peace Ambassadors Program’ as a very special program for developing future global leaders.

24 Smart scholarship recipients of LPF have been selected for this 3 week ‘Wholesome Development and Sustainable Leadership Program’ at ASHA Centre Gloucester UK.

Through this program, this 9th batch of 24 girls will get to develop their personal and people leadership skills through Self-Reflection workshops, learn to identify life’s challenges, the art of listening to their inner voice, Biodynamic farming, the difference between empathy and sympathy, finding inner resources, exploring the energy of change and learning how to build strong relations. This entire learning experience and exposure will enhance their self-confidence.

To top it all the will be spending an entire day at the OXFORD university, and also another day at the ancient historical city of Bath.

They will also have the opportunity of exploring London and some museums and historical places.

Till now 142 Lila Girls have completed this program and returned as smart enlightened confident young ladies contributing to the society through various community programs.

This program is sponsored by Samena Foundation of UK for last 4 years.

Peace Ambassadors Program Batch Leader Aishwarya Kashid said “This is a golden opportunity we got from LPF. I will ensure that after coming back to India I will definitely contribute towards the society“

Aishwary’s Mother Ms. Pushpa Kashid said “We are very thankful to LPF. Because of this program, our dream has come true. I am feeling happy and proud that my daughter is going to UK“