Maharashtra floods : Disease-based survey of people in flood affected areas

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Mumbai, 13.Aug.19: “Health Department is distributing free medicines of blood pressure and diabetes for people in relief camp of flood-hit regions. Aid surveys are also being conducted on the basis of dieses like fever, diarrhea and jaundice. Other medicines according to disease also being distributed in the camp. Meanwhile, there are currently 570 medical aid teams working across the state with 196 in Kolhapur and 144 in Sangli” informed Health Minister Eknath Shinde.

Mr. Shinde instructed to health system to prepare data of diseases wise required medicine. Medical checkup is being conducted regularly in the relief camp and information of disease wise required medicine kept in book.

 “During the migration, many people left home only on cloths. Health workers are asking people who suffered from diabetes, blood pressure and other illnesses to take pills daily, to help prevent the effects of their health. They are also being given free pills that will last up to seven days” said Chief Secretary of Health Department, Dr. Pradip Vyas.

He directed to buy the required medicines from the private medical store if stock are not available in the government clinic.

Dr. Vyas further said that citizens are returning to their homes from relief camps in some areas. They are also being informed on how to use a chlorine pellet for water purification. Pregnant women are being advised to boil water.

Approval for purchase of spray medicine, powder under Health Mission

Under the National Health Mission, Rs 10,000 are given to every Gram Panchayat for health expenditure. Gram Panchayat in flood affected area can use this money to buy medicine, disinfectant powder for spray. This fund can also use to repair the smoke spraying machine, informed Chief Secretary of Health Department, Dr. Pradip Vyas

Health Minister has been in the flood-hit region from last week

Meanwhile, the Health Minister has been in the flood-hit area from the past week and has been actively involved in the allocation of help to flood victims. Coordinating the allocation of medical teams and medication. Health Minister visits relief camp in Sangli, Kolhapur area. Health facilities are also being provided in this camp. Citizens are also being examined through a team of about 100 doctors who have gone from Mumbai. MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde is coordinating among private doctors.  Health Minister visited NDRF team and soldiers, who worked hard to get citizens to a safe place in a flood situation. Soldiers also were examined at a medical camp at this time.