Maharashtra: Former Shivaji University Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Autopsy Reveals Blood Clots in Brain, Leading to Fatal Kolhapur Accident

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Kolhapur, 6th June 2024: Following the tragic accident at Kolhapur’s CSIBER Chowk that claimed three lives, including that of former Shivaji University (SUK) pro-vice chancellor Vasant (V M) Chavan, autopsy results have shed light on the potential medical factors contributing to the incident.

According to police reports, the autopsy revealed the presence of blood clots in the right side of Chavan’s brain, resulting in paralysis of his body’s left side. Investigators believe that this condition may have caused a transfer of weight to the right side of his body, inadvertently pressing the accelerator as he drove his car from SUK towards Rajarampuri.

The accident, which involved Chavan’s car colliding with five two-wheelers before overturning, resulted in the tragic loss of three lives, including two siblings. Police inquiries revealed that Chavan had been suffering from hypertension, a condition that may have contributed to his medical state.

Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pandit elaborated, stating, “The post-mortem examination revealed blood clots in the right side of the brain, indicating a potential brain stroke likely triggered by hypertension. This resulted in paralysis of the left side of his body, leading to an unintended pressing of the accelerator while driving.”

During driving, the right foot typically remains on the accelerator, with the left foot positioned on the clutch pedal for control. Given Chavan’s medical condition, it is speculated that he may have struggled to make quick decisions or control the vehicle effectively, exacerbating the situation.

While doctors had initially pronounced Chavan dead upon arrival, further investigation is required to determine the precise cause of death, whether due to physical injuries sustained in the accident or the underlying medical condition of brain stroke.