Maharashtra: Property Cards Are Now Included In ‘e-Ferfar’ Scheme

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Pune, 12th November 2021: Property cards are now included in the ‘e-Ferfar’ scheme, which records online ownership transcripts and transfers. The scheme, which is being piloted, will be implemented in the Maharashtra state from next week. Therefore, in just 21 days after the transaction of a property, the change will be recorded online on the property card.


The Department of Land Records has already introduced the ‘e-Ferfar’ scheme to register buyers on ownership documents after buying and selling land in rural areas online, but in many important cities property cards have been issued instead of ownership documents. After the transaction of properties in such cities, many exercises have to be done to get the registration on the property card in the traditional way. It was a waste of time and money. For this, the citizens had to take rounds of the office. It was also leading to malpractices.


Against this backdrop, the Land Records Department has developed a computerized system for online e-modification in property cards for the sale and purchase of properties. The scheme was started on an experimental basis in one tehsil of the six revenue divisions. It will now be implemented across the state, said a senior official of the Land Records Department.