Maharashtra State Board Announces 12th Exam Schedule; Admit Cards Available Online from January 22

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Pune, 19th January 2024: The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (State Board) has unveiled the schedule for the upcoming 12th-grade examinations, set to take place between February 21 and March 23. State Board Secretary, Dr. Anuradha Oak, confirmed this information in a press release.

In preparation for the exams, the State Board will make the admit cards accessible online starting January 22. Junior colleges, in turn, are mandated to provide students with a complimentary copy of the admit card. Dr. Anuradha emphasized the importance of adhering to the specified timeline, with written exams scheduled from February 21 to March 23 and oral, practical, and internal evaluation exams set to run from February 2 to February 20.

According to the State Board’s instructions, junior colleges are required to download the admit card and distribute it to students, bearing the seal of the principal, at no additional cost. In the event of any discrepancies related to subjects or mediums, schools and junior colleges must approach the divisional board for corrections.

For errors concerning the student’s name, photograph, or signature on the admit card, schools and junior colleges are responsible for rectifying them at their level. The corrected copy should then be promptly submitted to the departmental board. In cases where the photograph is defective, the principal is instructed to affix a new photograph, stamp it, and provide the necessary signature.

The State Board has clarified that in the unfortunate event of an admit card being lost, schools and colleges should issue a duplicate copy, marked in red ink, and provide it to the student. The emphasis on accuracy and timely corrections underscores the board’s commitment to ensuring a smooth examination process for all students involved. Students are advised to communicate promptly with their respective institutions to address any concerns related to the admit card.