Maharashtra State Board begins Class 10 exams with strict security measures in place

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Pune, 2nd March 2023: This year, 15,77,256 students from 23,010 schools have registered for the class 10th board exams, marking a decrease in enrollment of 61,708 students compared to last year, informed Maharashtra State board president Sharad Gosavi.

In order to prevent malpractice, the board has implemented several security measures such as GPS tracking during transportation of question papers to examination centers, filming the distribution of question papers to students, and maintaining strict security at examination centers under the “copy free campaign”. Students are also required to arrive at the exam center 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam.

Gosavi attributed the decrease in enrollment to an increase in schools affiliated with boards such as CBSE and ICSE in the state, as well as a decrease in the number of children in the age group. The exam will cover 100% of the syllabus, and students will receive an additional ten minutes like in 12th grade. Gosavi advised students and parents to rely only on the official schedule published by the board, and to not believe schedules shared on social media.

To support students during the exam period, counselors have been appointed to help prevent depression and anxiety. Gosavi also apologized for the mistakes in the 12th grade English question paper, recognizing that it could affect the board’s credibility among students, parents, and teachers. However, he assured that students would not be disadvantaged by the mistakes and that the board would take steps to ensure complete justice for students.