Mahindra Introduces A New Car: Patented In India

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9 November 2023: Mahindra, a prominent car manufacturing company in India, holds a strong position not only in its home market but also in countries like South Africa. In August 2023, Mahindra introduced its new models, the Mahindra Scorpio and pickup truck, in South Africa, and these have now been patented in India. Additionally, Mahindra showcased the electric Thar Electric at the event, based on the five-door version. The Indian patent only features the Mahindra Scorpio N model unveiled in South Africa. It boasts distinctive features like LED headlight cluster, LED DRL, a redesigned grille with a snorkel, and an LED light bar on the roof.

The design elements of the alloy wheels, front bumper mounted winch, and side steps of the new Scorpio N pickup truck mirror those of the South African model. This upcoming Scorpio N pickup truck in the Indian market is expected to excel in off-roading capability. Unlike regular pickup trucks, it lacks jump seats at the rear and instead features an open drain. The cabin is similar to the Mahindra Scorpio N but with added red stitching in various places. However, it’s anticipated that there will be further changes to the cabin in the production model.

The Scorpio N pickup truck will share the same features as the standard Scorpio N, including an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system, simulated instrument cluster, Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, dual-zone climate control, wireless mobile charging, a six-way height-adjustable driver seat, a single-pane voice-assist sunroof, AC vents for rear passengers, and a USB charging socket. Premium amenities like a music system and leather seats are also included. Safety features encompass Level 2 ADAS technology in South Africa, although its availability in the Indian market remains uncertain. Other safety elements consist of six airbags, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring, hill haul assist, hill descent control, and traction control.

Under the hood, a 2.2-liter diesel engine, similar to the current Scorpio N, will power the vehicle, albeit with improved emissions tuning. There’s speculation about the potential addition of a 4-liter engine option. The Scorpio N will offer 4WD High and 4WD Low systems for enhanced off-roading capabilities, along with a choice of six-speed manual and automatic transmissions. If launched in India, its price is projected to start at approximately Rs 25 lakh. While the launch date remains undisclosed, it’s hoped to be introduced in the Indian market by 2026. The upcoming Mahindra Scorpio N will face competition from vehicles like the Suzuki Bhi Cross and Toyota Highlights, as there are currently no other pickup trucks available in the Indian market.

With the advent of the new year, a highly anticipated five-door Mahindra Thar is set to make its debut in the Indian market, boasting advanced features and design enhancements.