MAILBOX is the first place, a hacker attacks!!

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Today we cannot survive without internet, our email accounts and our Social Media access. But then we save every bit of our personal information, our bank records and even sometimes all our passwords in our personal mailbox mostly the Gmail account. A simple way of hacking could be used to steal a lot of money from anybody’s bank account by just accessing the email.

Most of the people don’t even know how the hacker obtained their information. No matter how complex and unique your password is, there are so many ways to get access to your private information these days. Recently, A group of hackers called “Legion” hacked Twitter accounts of Barkha Dutt, Vijay Mallya, Ravish Kumar and many known people.

A study reveals that a hacker has posted the usernames and passwords of 4.93 million Google accounts. That means anyone having knowledge and right skills can find what you’ve been sending. So it is very important that you should not keep any important details and passwords in your Gmail account.

A good practice is to frequently change the password of your email account. Also, enabling the two-step verification for your account security could mean a peaceful night’s sleep.