Major Security Breach: Imposter in Army Uniform Caught at Pune Railway Station, Had Attended Independence Day Celebration At Red Fort

Fake Army officer attended Red Fort independence Day celebration
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 2nd September 2023: In a concerning incident, a youth masquerading as an Army officer was apprehended at the Pune Railway Station. He had reportedly attended the Independence Day celebration at the Red Fort by entering without a security pass and also had his photo taken with senior Army officers.

Acting on a tip-off from the Military Intelligence (MI) Southern Command of the Indian Army, the imposter, identified as Neeraj Vikram Vishwakarma (20), a native of Uttar Pradesh, was caught in a joint operation today by the MI and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) around 7 pm.

Upon further investigation, several alarming details came to light regarding Neeraj Vishwakarma’s activities:

  1. Impersonation During Independence Day Celebrations: Neeraj Vishwakarma had visited the historic Red Fort in New Delhi on August 15 during the Independence Day celebrations, all while wearing an Army uniform resembling that of the elite Para Special Forces (Para SF) with Lieutenant rank. This act raised serious concerns as he allegedly posed as a serving member of the armed forces, potentially compromising security measures during a national event.
  2. Photographic Evidence: Several photographs found on Neeraj Vishwakarma’s mobile phone showed him in the company of genuine serving military personnel. These images added weight to the suspicion of his impersonation.
  3. Possession of Fake Canteen Card: Neeraj Vishwakarma was found to be in possession of a counterfeit canteen card, which is typically issued exclusively to serving or retired military personnel and their dependents.

As the investigation unfolds, Vishwakarma has been detained and is currently being taken to the Railway Police in Pune for a thorough interrogation.  

Further details are awaited.