Pune: Hawker Cleanup In Viman Nagar, PMC Responds To Complaints

Pune: Hawker Cleanup In Viman Nagar, PMC Responds To Complaints
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Viman Nagar, 3rd September 2023: The Nagar Road-Vadgaonsheri ward office of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has recently carried out a significant operation aimed at clearing a substantial number of illegal hawkers from key areas under its jurisdiction. This civic action was prompted by numerous complaints from residents of Vimannagar who had been facing various issues due to the encroachment of illegal hawkers on sidewalks. This encroachment not only hindered pedestrian mobility but also resulted in traffic congestion.


A senior official from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) explained, “All the hawkers who were removed were operating unlawfully, either without the necessary licenses or in violation of the designated areas outlined in their licenses. This action was part of our routine efforts to maintain order and compliance in these areas.”


One Vimannagar resident expressed surprise at the PMC’s action, stating, “We have been advocating for this for quite some time. We urge the PMC to ensure that the hawkers who have been displaced are provided with an alternative space to continue their businesses, as their livelihoods should not be adversely affected.”


Qaneez Sukhrani, the convenor of the Vimannagar Citizens Forum, mentioned, “There was an anti-encroachment drive on Phoenix Mall Road in Vimannagar. Previously, these vendors operated outside Panchshill Business Park. This operation appears to have produced positive results. The unauthorized relocation of these vendors primarily occurred due to the PMC’s reluctance to accept my proposal for a ‘vendor zone,’ which would have designated a specific area for most vendors.”


However, residents believe that more actions are needed. Another resident, expressed concerns about vegetable vendors who occupy footpaths early in the morning, causing inconvenience to pedestrians. She added, “Many hawkers still persist on both sides near Konark Nagar, leading to traffic jams and chaos that lasts until nighttime.”




Another resident pointed out, “Vendors are still present at Datta Mandir and Ganapati Mandir chowks. These crucial areas should remain clear to prevent traffic congestion.”