Marathi Movie “GOPYA” set to release on April 21st

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There is no doubt that Marathi Cinema has always churned out subjects in large numbers which are not only different from the usual mundane subjects and are novel. Ganesh Film & Entertainment” Presentation “Gopya” is a predominantly musical film which has been made on similar lines. It is slated for release all over Maharashtra on April 21. The film revolves around Gopya who toils hard to achieve his dream of making it big though his mother struggles to raise him and is always at logger heads with Gopya’s father who is a drunkard who does not bother about his family.Though Gopya is fond of studies as well as sports, people around him feel that he is also a good for nothing scoundrel. It is the tale of how Gopya wins over circumstances against him

Produced by Amol Bhalerao, Nitin Pagare and Raj Paithankar and co-produced by Sarjerao Mote, Atulraje Gayali and Dhanaji Gaikwad and Subhash Jagadhne, Gopya is a rare blend of mellifluous music and an extra ordinary subject. With this film produced by “Ganesh Film & Entertainment”, “Soil Group of Companies” and “Hari Om Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Limited along with “Soil Events & Entertainment Private Limited” are making their debut in Marathi film industry.

Aditya Paithankar who has faced the camera for the first time says that he did not have to face any difficult though people who have seen the trial of the film rave about his natural performance. Aditya confesses that he just followed his director’s instructions and observed his senior actors at work at close quarters in order to imbibe the nuances that his character required. Aditya asserts that he is greatly indebted to all the actors who have worked in the film like Madhavi Juvekar, Kamlesh Sawant, Manisha Paithankar, Uday Sabnis, Jaywant Wadkar, Ajay Jadhav, Sameer Vijayan, Rajesh Bhosle, Prakash Dhotre, Amir Tadwalkar, Manasi Murudkar and Ajit Jadhav.

Raj Paithankar who has dabbled in direction as well as lyrics has also written the subject, says that though the film is centering around the 12 year old Gopya, since there are heartwarming incidents in the film everyone who sets out to watch it will be abel to identify thesmelevs with the film.. Yogesh Sabnis has written the meaningful and incisive dialogues for the film. Besides Aditya Paithankar who has played the title role, the film also stars Cinematography is by Aniket K while Art Direction is by Devdatt Raut and Nandu Moharkar. Atul Salve is the production executive while Chinni Chetan is the choreographer. Sonu Paitankar has designed the sound for the film while Vishal Kotkar has edited the film.