Marijuana Seized at Savitribai Phule Pune University Hostel: Inquiry Committee to Investigate

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Pune, 28th May 2024: Approximately 750 grams of marijuana was discovered in Hostel No. 8 at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) a few days ago, prompting calls for strict action from the university administration. Student organizations, however, accuse the administration of attempting to suppress the matter, demanding immediate action.

In response, the university administration has pledged to establish an inquiry committee to investigate the incident. The Yuva Sena issued a statement warning that if no action is taken within two days, they will stage a protest in their distinctive “Shiv Sena” style. Additionally, a delegation from the Indian Youth Congress plans to meet with Vice-Chancellor Dr. Suresh Gosavi to press for action against those responsible.

Ram Tharkude, the city chief of Yuva Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray), expressed his concern, stating, “The discovery of drugs in the boys’ hostel is a disgrace to the university’s reputation. No action has been taken so far, casting doubt on the administration’s role in this matter. The university should inform the police and cooperate fully in their investigation.”

Tharkude emphasized the need for vigilance to prevent drugs from entering the university and its affiliated colleges, suggesting that the university should implement counseling and awareness campaigns for students to prevent drug misuse.

Akshay Jain, the state president of the Indian Youth Congress Media Cell, highlighted Pune’s status as an educational hub, noting, “The presence of ganja in the boys’ hostel at Pune University, often referred to as the Oxford of the East, is alarming. For ten days, the university authorities have not acted against the culprits. We demand transparency from the administration regarding any potential political pressure hindering action.”

Meanwhile, the University Students Struggle Committee has also called for decisive action against those found guilty. An anonymous SPPU official revealed, “The students involved are from the SPPU department and are associated with a student organization. This incident occurred on May 14, and the marijuana was discovered by the rector of Hostel No. 8. To avoid tarnishing SPPU’s reputation, the marijuana was kept in the security department. No action has been taken for the past ten days.”

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Registrar Dr. Vijay Khare confirmed, “We are forming an inquiry committee to establish the facts. Once the report is received, we will file a police complaint.”