Mega Star Chiranjeevi Applauds Teja Sajja’s Stellar Performance in “Hanu-Man” at Recent Event – ‘He Started His Journey With Me’

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Mumbai, 13th April 2024: At a recent event, Mega Star Chiranjeevi, the legendary actor of Telugu cinema, showered praise on Teja Sajja for his remarkable performance in the film “Hanu-Man.” Reflecting on their longstanding association, Mega Star Chiranjeevi reminisced about their first film together, where Teja Sajja started his career as a child artist around 25 years ago. Despite not hailing from a film family, Teja developed a deep admiration for Chiranjeevi and drew inspiration from his films.

Expressing his admiration for Teja’s journey, Mega Star Chiranjeevi stated, “He isn’t from a film family, so he developed that liking towards me and getting inspiration from my films. And now he has done ‘Hanu-Man,’ a film I wanted to play long ago. But when he did I thought yes, I’m satisfied. I don’t see him as a separate, he’s part of my journey. And now all of India is acclaiming. God bless you.”

The camaraderie between the two actors was evident as Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s heartfelt mention of Teja Sajja’s accomplishments resonated with the audience. Teja, who was present at the event, looked dapper and was visibly overjoyed with emotion as he received love and support from the icon. This heartwarming moment not only showcased the bond between mentor and mentee but also highlighted Teja Sajja’s rising star power in the Indian film industry.