MHAP Workshop at PAI VEDA College Pune: Empowering Minds with Mental Well-Being Awareness

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Pune, 24th August 2023: The Mental Health Awareness Program (MHAP), an initiative by Punekar News in collaboration with Anhad, conducted a highly impactful workshop at PAI VEDA College, Pune. The event, led by MHAP’s Kamlesh Sonawane and Deepti Kolte, witnessed a remarkable turnout with over 300 enthusiastic participants including students, parents, and teachers.

PAI VEDA College, an esteemed institution recognized internationally for its excellence in Design, Animation, VFX, and Game Designing, is located at Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s Azam Campus in Camp, Pune. The college’s dedication to holistic education aligns seamlessly with MHAP’s mission of mental well-being advocacy.

The workshop was meticulously curated to empower attendees with a deeper understanding of mental health. Facilitated by Kamlesh Sonawane and Deepti Kolte, experts from MHAP, the sessions delved into topics such as emotional resilience, psychological life skills, and mindfulness techniques. The interactive sessions aimed to equip participants with effective tools to manage stress, enhance emotional intelligence, and cultivate a positive mental outlook.

MHAP has emerged as a pioneering platform committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health through awareness and education. By collaborating with educational institutions like PAI VEDA College, MHAP aims to foster a culture of open dialogue and mental well-being support, especially among the youth.

Rishi Acharya, Principal of PAI VEDA College, lauded the efforts of MHAP in conducting a highly enlightening and impactful session for the college’s students. He emphasized the crucial role of mental health awareness in nurturing a mentally resilient youth population. Rishi Acharya acknowledged the significance of educational institutions in contributing to this societal change and expressed his commitment to creating a conducive learning environment for the holistic growth of students.

The collaboration between MHAP and PAI VEDA College serves as a testament to the growing momentum of mental health awareness initiatives among educational institutions. Through expert-led workshops, MHAP is empowering students, parents, and teachers to prioritize mental well-being, thereby contributing to the creation of a healthier and more mentally aware society.