Meditation Workshop at Prestige Junior College Highlights Importance of Mental and Emotional Health

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Pune, 07th July 2024: Prestige Junior College recently hosted a Mental Health Awareness Program (MHAP) workshop, aimed at educating students and staff about mental health, emotional well-being, and the benefits of meditation. The event, part of the school’s ongoing efforts to promote holistic education, featured various activities designed to engage and inform participants.


The session began with an introduction by the school, followed by an engaging discussion moderated by Vijay Talreja as part of the ‘Brewing Happiness’ podcast. The Principal of Prestige Junior College and a meditation mentor shared insights into the significance of maintaining mental and emotional health.


Mr. Sujeet Patharkar, a meditation facilitator, expressed his satisfaction with the interaction. “It was a pleasure to meet the students of Prestige Junior College and share some concepts about the importance of mental health, emotional health, and meditation. The response of the students and the staff members was interesting as they also felt it was necessary to inculcate awareness about mental health from a young age for a better and peaceful life in the future. Prevention is better than cure is what we must follow even for emotional well-being,” he said.


The workshop included guided meditation activities, which were well-received by both students and staff. Mrs. Kiran Ekbote, Principal of Prestige Public School and Junior College, praised the session. “Team MHAP conducted a session which was attended by my staff and XII std students. Students of this age undergo lots of stress due to studies, pressure by parents and society, and also to prove themselves. But due to the meditation techniques and activities conducted by Mr. Sujeet, students felt relaxed and got guidelines about how to be in the present moment and focused. I personally liked the session because it was more interactive and helpful for all. I express my gratitude and wish all the best to the Team MHAP.”


Guest speaker Mr. Anil Chand, Director at Bombardier Aerotech Solutions, emphasized the necessity of daily meditation in modern life. “This type of event is the need of the hour. Nowadays, everyone has to practice meditation every day. People need to understand it’s not a religious practice; it’s like fuel for a happy and healthy life,” he stated.


The workshop successfully highlighted the importance of mental and emotional health, providing practical techniques to help manage stress.