Migration of Birds for Food and Water Amid Intense Summer in Pune

migratory birds
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Pune, May 21st, 2024 – As the summer heat intensifies in Pune, the migration of birds in search of food and water has become a common sight. The reduced flow of water in the river basin, attributed to the non-recirculation of water from the Kukdi project, has significantly impacted the availability of water for both humans and wildlife. The severity of the summer season has led to a decrease in water storage in dams, resulting in dried-up rivers in many areas.

Despite some water storage in the western part of the Kukdi river, rivers have dried up in numerous places, affecting aquatic animals dependent on river water for survival. Consequently, many birds are observed migrating in search of sustenance. Fortunately, there is still ample water storage in the catchment area of the Yedgaon Dam, attracting an increasing number of birds in search of food and water.

Millions of birds undertake daily migrations from west to east reservoirs in the morning and return in the evening from east to west. These journeys, often observed flying over rivers, showcase a spectacle of nature as birds maintain disciplined formations during their flights. The routine migration pattern of these birds, traversing over riverbeds to reach reservoirs, has captivated the attention of bird enthusiasts and citizens alike.

In the evening, bird lovers eagerly await the return of these majestic creatures, capturing their awe-inspiring sight on cameras. The disciplined behavior of these birds, akin to military precision, has sparked curiosity and admiration among citizens, highlighting the remarkable wonders of nature amidst environmental challenges.

The phenomenon of bird migration serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the profound impact of environmental changes on wildlife. As Pune grapples with the effects of intense summer heat, the resilience and adaptability of birds offer a glimmer of hope amid challenging times.