MNGL Plans Mobile Pumps For CNG In Pune And Pimpri-Chinchwad

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Friyana Munshi

Pune, January 19, 2021: Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) has decided to start ‘mobile pumps’ in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad as it is struggling for space for CNG pumps. It will be possible to distribute CNG through these ‘mobile pumps’ in areas of the city where there are no pumps.

MNGL has set up pumps for CNG distribution in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad and adjoining areas. Some of these pumps are independent; in many places, CNG is distributed only at petrol pumps. There are a total of 108 CNG pumps in both the municipal areas. At present, the number of CNG-powered vehicles in the city is around three lakh, which will increase further.

Therefore, MNGL aims to increase the number of pumps. Advertisements are being published in newspapers to acquire space for the same. However, the necessary amount of space is not available. Therefore, it has been decided to implement the concept of ‘mobile pump’, informed a senior official of MNGL.

In Pune, an average of two and a half to three lakh new vehicles come on the road every year. Therefore, the number of vehicles running on CNG is around 25 to 26 thousand. In addition, crude oil production is declining and petrol-diesel prices are rising. Therefore, the preference for CNG vehicles is likely to increase in the coming period.

Against this backdrop, MNGL has set a target of adding 40 to 50 pumps per year for the next three years. The big challenge for the administration is to acquire space for these pumps. Until then, the mobile pumps will be made available for the Punekars.

MNGL is planning a CNG ‘Mobile Pump’ initiative. Studies are underway on how to store and distribute gas. Also, in how many places in the city will these pumps be made available is yet to be decided, the official said.