Mokshada Choudhary’s Artistic Journey Unveiled at Pune Book Festival 2023

Mokshada Choudhary author
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Pune, 23rd December 2023: The Pune Book Festival, a collaborative effort between the National Book Trust and the Pune Municipal Corporation, was inaugurated at Fergusson College on December 16 and will run until December 24.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Chandrakant Patil, Maharashtra’s Minister of Higher and Technical Education. Organized by Rajesh Pande in conjunction with the National Book Trust, the festival, located at the Fergusson College Ground, boasts over 200 stalls featuring books in various languages, along with a diverse range of programs catering to children, politicians, and other esteemed guests.

This nine-day extravaganza guarantees a rich assortment of books, engaging activities, and appearances by renowned personalities, making it a must-attend event for all literary enthusiasts. On December 23, the festival featured a book launch by teenage author Mokshada Choudhary, who openly discussed her literary journey. Mokshada, inspired by her favorite author Dan Brown, began writing and sketching at the age of 12 during the lockdown.

Her daily practice evolved into poems and paintings, resulting in two co-authored books during the pandemic, namely “The Women Who Have Not Bound My Stereotypes” and “The Heart Says It All.” Her first self-authored poetry book, “The Musings of Chimera,” was launched last year at the Deccan Literature Festival 2022, showcasing a compilation of her written poems.

During the Pune Book Fair 2023, Mokshada unveiled her second book, “Arekhan.” This book, filled with random sketches created during the lockdown, is a collection supported by splendid quotes, resembling a life folder where unedited thoughts are stored haphazardly. Mokshada expressed her overwhelming experience, stating, “Being a part of the Pune Book Fair 2023, alongside many great authors and personalities, has left me overwhelmed. The advice and insights I received will undoubtedly shape my next work. It was a fantastic opportunity to be in the company of learned dignitaries, and I have gleaned invaluable lessons from their wisdom. Through this book, I aim to convey a message to all aspiring writers and sketch artists: just start sketching and writing, regardless of obstacles. Don’t let anything hinder you—just sketch and write!”