Traffic Chaos on Mumbai-Pune Expressway as Christmas Tourists Flood Lonavala

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Lonavala, 23rd December 2023: The Mumbai-Pune Expressway witnessed significant disruptions in traffic flow as a surge of Christmas holidaymakers from Mumbai flocked to Lonavala, causing extensive queues on the expressway throughout the day.

With Christmas falling on Monday (December 25), a considerable influx of tourists from both Mumbai and Pune started pouring in early morning, taking advantage of the extended holiday weekend. The traffic congestion was particularly notable at the Khalapur toll plaza and Khandala Ghat on the way to Pune. The sluggish pace of traffic led to engines overheating and several cars experiencing shutdowns.

The halted vehicles added to the complexity of the situation. Authorities, including Borghat Highway Police, Maharashtra Security Force personnel, and their dedicated workers, made efforts to assist stranded motorists and alleviate traffic woes in the Ghat region. For a brief period, Mumbai-bound vehicles were held up in the Khandala tunnel area. Meanwhile, all six lanes were open for vehicles heading from Mumbai to Lonavala.

Despite these measures, the surge of cars on the expressway overwhelmed traffic management plans, requiring quick adjustments from the traffic planning police. The situation highlighted the challenges posed by the holiday rush on major transit routes during festive seasons.