Monjin Partners with Envirofit to help villagers’ live smoke free life

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Pune, 10th July, 2018 – Monjin, an HR tech (Start-up)company, takes up an initiative to enable the villagers of Kharkhardi live sustainable and smoke-free lives by donating smart stoves to 85 households. In collaboration with Envirofit, Monjin conducted this event at Aranya Phansad Farms on the 7th of July, 2018. Monjin’s Chief Executive Officer Abhijit Kashyape and member from leadership team Capt. Avnish Dhall were present at the event, to participate in the activities and help build a culture of sustainability within the organization.

Building on core values of nurturing community development and promoting environmental sustainability, the company intends on improving the lives of villagers of Kharkhardi while caring for the planet as a whole. Through this event, Monjin has forayed into Corporate Social Responsibility in order to contribute towards the betterment of the society.

On the occasion of the event, Mr. Abhijeet Kashyape, CEO & Co-founder, Monjin Interviews said, “We are committed to being a socially and environmentally conscious organization, and this initiative is our first step towards that. Our collaboration with Envirofit enables villagers at Kharkhardi live a healthy life. Alongwith 60 enthusiastic Monjineers we worked in collaboration with the villagers to create a sustainable environment of giving and contributing to Mother Earth

All the Monjin employees along with the leadership team planted 35 saplings near the village as well. The initiative was born out of the realization that the villagers of Kharkhardi were chopping down trees for their fuel needs. These trees had been intentionally planted over the years, by individuals attempting to reforest a barren land. Additionally, the smoke emitted by burning wood for cooking, is extremely harmful, not just for humans but for the environment as well. According to Envirofit, 1 billion ton of Carbon dioxide is produced by open fires each year, which contributes to 25 per cent of global black carbon emissions!

Mr. Harish Anchan, Managing Director, Envirofit said, We are delighted to be associated with Monjin for their first CSR event, and are encouraged by the fact that they chose to help build a greener future and change the lives of communities in the process!

Extreme weather phenomena in most regions, such as climate change, heat waves, flooding and droughts have triggered, in recent years, increased environmental damage across the world due to increasing human activity. It is expected that future climate change will increase this vulnerability because extreme weather events may become more intense and frequent. Romania’s National Strategy on Climate Change 2013–2020 (SNSC) aims at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and adapting to the inevitable negative effects of climate change on natural and anthropic systems. It thus becomes the duty of every individual, every organization to protect and improve the natural environment in order to be able to lead a healthy and sustainable life. Monjin as an organization understands the importance of contributing towards the sustainability of the environment and is in its own way trying to contribute towards an overall environmental development.