Monthly Allowances to Tackle Financial Challenges Faced by Students in Maharashtra

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 25th February 2024: The state government has made an important announcement for the students. The government is set to provide a subsistence allowance to boys and girls who have not secured accommodation in the college hostel or government supported hostels.


Chandrakant Patil, Higher and Technical Education Minister, revealed that students living in the metropolis will receive Rs 6,000 per month, students in rest of the cities will receive Rs 5,300 per month, and those who are at the taluka level will receive Rs 3,800 per month.

At the time when political parties focus is on upcoming Lok Sabha elections, a major announcement by Patil has made a significant impact for the families who were having financial difficulties for providing education for their children.


Patil, during his visit to the Solapur district, announced that starting from the next academic session, the state government will cover 100 percent of the fees for all girls pursuing higher education in the state, beginning June 1. This move aims to ensure that girls in Maharashtra do not abandon their studies due to fee payment issues. The state government has earmarked Rs 1,000 crore budget for girls’ fees, and a decision in this regard has been made in the cabinet’s sub-committee, with a government resolution (GR) expected to be issued soon after the cabinet’s decision.

Additionally, provisions will be made for subsistence allowances for the students who find challenge for hostel accommodation. The decision has been finalized at the ministry level and is awaiting approval from the state cabinet. Under this initiative, students in metropolitan areas will receive Rs 6,000 per month, those in smaller cities will receive Rs 5,300 per month, and students at the taluka level will receive Rs 3,800 per month.


With this measure, the state government aims to ensure that education becomes a priority for all children. The allowance will be directly credited to the students’ bank accounts through direct bank transfer.