Pune: 65% Population Supports Narendra Modi for Third Term, Says Ajit Pawar

Narendra Modi
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Mulshi, 25th February 2024: In Pirangut, Ajit Pawar expressed that the Lok Sabha elections’ code of conduct is anticipated to be ratified in the initial week of March. He extended a request to those who have not yet aligned with their party, emphasizing the current sentiment that sees Narendra Modi as the indispensable choice for the nation. Citing that 65% of the population believes in Narendra Modi’s candidacy for a third term as Prime Minister, he stressed that Mahayuti’s representation is crucial for developmental initiatives.


Ajit Pawar urged support for their party’s candidate, asserting confidence in the commitment to unprecedented developmental strides in the upcoming five years if elected. Emphasizing the need for an MP aligned with Mahayuti’s perspective, he sought collaboration to ensure the election of a candidate who aligns with their vision for progress.


Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar emphasized the need to secure central government schemes for the region, stating that the funds allocated to Mulshi so far are just a glimpse of what is to come once he assumes the role of Member of Parliament. He highlighted plans for establishing a third Municipal Corporation in the Pune district for the Chakan-Dehu area, driven by ongoing industrialization and urbanization.


Addressing infrastructure concerns, Pawar called for the expansion of the highway from Sutarwadi in Mulshi to Tamhini, urging a halt to construction along this route. Expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of the roadwork from Chandni Chowk to Tamhini, he criticized a contractor for subpar performance and deviation from the agreed-upon standards.


In discussing the potential heightening of the Mulshi Dam, Pawar acknowledged the risk of submerging villages, particularly Pomgaon, where approximately 70% of houses could be affected. He assured a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, emphasizing an inclusive approach where no individual would be neglected. Despite anticipating criticism, Pawar asserted his commitment to the region’s development, vowing not to engage in negative discourse and instead focusing on upliftment and progress.


Ajit Pawar addressed a significant public gathering organized by the Mulshi Taluka Nationalist Congress at Sundarban Lawns in Ghotawade Phata (Mulshi). This marked his first appearance in Mulshi in nearly five years, making his statements particularly noteworthy.


The event was attended by prominent figures such as NCP State Women President Rupali Chakankar, State Vice President Suresh Ghule, District President Pradeep Garatkar, Ranjit Shivtare, Vilas Lande, District Youth President Sachin Ghotkule, District Women President Monica Hargude, Praveen Shinde, Rajendra Hagwane, Sunil Chandere, Amit Kandare, and various other officials and activists from development organizations in the taluk.


Mulshi Taluka NCP President Ankush More highlighted the positive impact of Ajit Pawar’s efforts, citing substantial funds directed towards Mulshi that facilitated extensive developmental projects. Issues such as water planning in Mulshi Dam and electricity problems were addressed through Ajit Pawar’s interventions.


Rupali Chakankar also delivered a speech during the meeting, and various leaders from development organizations in the taluka were honoured on this occasion. The proceedings were moderated by Swapnil Tapkir.


Interestingly, there was a notable absence of the neutral group from NCP in the taluka, as they chose to maintain a neutral stance by refraining from attending Ajit Pawar’s meeting despite the attention given to their

role in the region.