Morality!!!! Really exist?

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By Mayuresh Bhardwaj

This is not about “women`s issue”. This is the issue which actually concern humanity in total. There is a phrase “precaution is better the cure”. When it comes to crime and precisely in crime against women our morality gets that wakeup call so late. Why? Is it only because we have locked our soul in a jail of comfort and self serving environment? Or we are always waiting for some serious results like that dark night of Delhi suffered on 16th December.

According to a survey it’s about 9% of growth per annum has been recorded in every proceeding years. These are those figures which have been recorded so far. The numbers of not recorded cases are larger than the existing figure for sure. A total of 26,660 cases were convicted during 2015-16 and more the 5 lakh persons were arrested under crime against women. Isn’t it scary? Many question rises from here. Who are these people? Are they belonging from out of this world? What give them this amount of strength to commit these kinds of sins? These questions have answer in common and that is unfortunately they are the people who survive among us. And the main source of their strength is our self serving attitude on the first place or we can say that lack of unity between us.

These day women empowerment and rights of equality is among the hot topic to discuss. It is also important to apply these talks in real rather than just make these talks limited to the discussion. We are in the society where we worship gods in form of women. Then why always objectification of women prevails? Rights and empowerment factor can be discuss further but first gesture that our 21st century women wants is a genuine respect and fearless environment to brighten their light of talent to the world. They need just a small glimpse of hope in them.

Positivity will come in our society when law prevails and objectification of a woman prevent. But, not by some kind of candle march when some unwanted sins hail in a big cities. It is also very important to take care of the rights of small town women as well. No one will do it for us until us unit for this and make our self capable enough to our inner instinct.