MoS Murlidhar Mohol Sets Vision for Cooperation Ministry

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Reported by Tikam Shekhawat

New Delhi, 12th June 2024: Murlidhar Mohol, the newly appointed Minister of State (MoS) for Cooperation, officially assumed his duties yesterday and initiated the ministry’s operations today. In his first day on the job, Mohol conducted a comprehensive meeting with senior officials at the Ministry of Cooperation to discuss the ministry’s key initiatives and long-term vision.

“My colleague, MoS Shri Krishna Pal Ji, and senior officials were present in the discussion. We talked about the critical initiatives and the future direction of the ministry,” Mohol said.

He emphasized the expanding role of the cooperative sector across the country, highlighting the increased responsibility that comes with it.

“The cooperative sector is expanding across the country. Therefore, our responsibility has also increased. Keeping this in mind, it is important for the cooperative sector and the Ministry of Cooperation to always remain vigilant in the eyes of the common people,” Mohol stated.

He stressed the importance of maintaining transparency and active involvement with the public to ensure the sector’s continued growth and relevance. Officials in the meeting pledged their full cooperation and commitment to the ministry’s objectives, reinforcing their dedication to contributing to the nation’s progress.