Mosquito awareness campaign held in AISSMS to tackle dengue outbreak in city

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Pune, August 7, 2018 : As 80 percent of the mosquito life cycle completes in water and only balance 20 percent are the adult mosquitoes that are actually responsible for the spread of diseases like dengue and Malaria, We must make sure that we destroy all the possible mosquito breeding sites in and around homes, Opined experts from the pest control sector.

Experts like Raju Parulkar, Immediate Past President of Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) and India’s representative in Global Pest Management Coalition, Jitendra Gawade, Sr. manager, training & innovation, Bayer Cropscience Limited, Gopi Nair, Managing Committee Member IPCA, Nikhil Khanse and Guruprasad Agavane, members, IPCA came together to spread awareness about mosquito control and mosquito management.

IPCA, along with All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Sociaty (AISSMS) had organized a free mosquito awareness seminar for college students under Swachha Bharat Abhiyan today. Experts from pest control sector spoke about different pests and hazards of wrong use of pesticides too. Shri Malojiraje Chhatrapati, Hon. Secretary of AISSMS, Suresh Shinde, Jt. Secretary AISSMS, were present among the dignitaries. Global Pest Management Coalition and Bayer Cropscience Limited also helped in the organization of the program.

In the seminar, Gawade explained the life cycle, characteristics and diseases spread by different mosquito species, while Parulkar talked about the right use of pesticides. Parulkar emphasized the use of anti-larval and anti-adult techniques for mosquito control. He said that, it is important that fogging is done on the right time of the day. Fogging in the early morning before sunrise and in evening helps to reduce mosquito population, He mentioned.

IPCA is a non-profit premier trade association of professional pest management companies in India, has completed 50 glorious golden years of service towards better public health in India on 21st August 2017, having over 350 member companies throughout the country. IPCA has commenced a “Mosquito Vector Public Awareness” initiative starting from the city of Mumbai since last year. Subsequently, this campaign will be carried out across various cities in India, spreading valuable information on safeguarding against deadly vector diseases caused by mosquitoes