Most Successful Indian Companies of 2019: Phone Sex India, Information Technology, and More

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There’s no doubt about it. India has become a major player in the global industry and business. In 2019, great heights have been reached for many businesses that are native to the country, with more popping up every day. Making India a contender when it comes to being on top of the 2020 business sector. What’s perhaps the most surprising is that many of these burgeoning markets aren’t directly related to Finance and Investments or Manufacturing -two of the classic industries to produce billionaires. 

While it might seem shocking, companies like phone sex India and food delivery services are packing a punch with local consumers. With ever increasing revenue and participation across multiple platforms, India has indeed reached the digital age. And that reach is making the country scrappy when it comes to the global business floor. 

  1. Indian Sex Talk

Indian Sex Talk is an Indian company that has shown impressive growth since its creation in 2010. The company is pushing boundaries and age-old puritanical ideas to improve communication and inclusivity when it comes to matters of the heart and phone sex India. The company prides itself on being open to many types of sexuality and is accessible to millions across a multitude of online and landline platforms.  

  1. Infosys

One of the largest IT companies in India, Infosys has a staggering $10.1 billion revenue stream. The corporation provides multiple services in many nations, to include business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. Making them a beast in the global market. They have over 85 sales marketing offices worldwide, coupled with 114 development centres. Seamlessly delivering their products and services in multiple languages. The corporation oversees more than 199,000 employees, creating jobs and putting India on the map. 

  1. Maruti Suzuki

With 51% of the market share of the Indian passenger car market, Maruti Suzuki is the car manufacturing company that clearly dominates. The company was founded in 1800 and has been churning out quality vehicles ever since. The net income of the company is currently hovering around $690 million with no signs of slowing. Making this the company that gets Indians moving. 

  1. Alphabet

In 2004 this tech giant chose humble India as home to its first research and development centre outside of the US. The parent company of the infamous Google and YouTube, Alphabet now has one of it’s biggest centres in India, focusing on online advertisement- related operations. Showing without a doubt that India is the hub of future marketing and sales hubs. Which may account for why smaller tech companies, like food delivery apps and Phone sex India do so well. 

  1. TATA Consultancy Services

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) is the information technology services, consulting and business solutions branch of the multinational, multi-billion dollar conglomerate TATA Group. The Indian tech giant incorporated in 1968 and has since been expanding their services and their revenue. Regularly ranked in the top ten of the annual Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies. As well as the Fortune India 500. They employ 378,500 people in offices throughout 46 countries. 

  1. Zomato

Headquartered in Gurgaon Zomato has been doing exceptionally well since its launch in 2008. The company connects 55 million users to restaurants in 24 different countries, and that number continues to grow. Their team represents more than 32 different nationalities and specializes in food delivery. Meaning that no matter where you are, you can enjoy hot, local eats all from the comfort of your home. The app-based program makes it easy for anyone to use and is available in a number of different languages. 

  1. Oyo

Oyo is India’s largest hospitality chain and ultimate Cinderella story. The company was built by a business-savvy 18-year-old in 2012 and has grown exponentially into an empire spanning 7 different countries. The business employs nearly 13,000 people and partners with thousands of hotel owners and entrepreneurs. They are consistently voted one of India’s best companies to work for largely due to their encouraging nature when it comes to their enterprising employees. Who are readily encouraged to take ownership of their own projects.