Mother’s Recipe’s Sanjana Desai Takes Center Stage as the Strongest Weightlifter at Poona Club Fitness League 2023

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Pune, 04 Sept 2023: In a remarkable display of strength and determination, Sanjana Desai, the Executive Director of Mother’s Recipe, has secured her position as the strongest weightlifter across genders at the Poona Club Fitness League 2023. Her exceptional Wilks Score of 304 not only earned her the title but also surpassed the strength of all male competitors. The Wilks score is used to compare the weight lifted in powerlifting between lifters of varying body weights and genders. She pushed her limits, setting new personal records and achieving an impressive Wilks score – the highest among all participants, regardless of gender. Sanjana Desai’s astounding achievement highlights her commitment to breaking barriers and dedication to fitness. Her performance serves as an inspiration to all, proving that strength knows no gender boundaries. She has not only conquered the weights but also shattered stereotypes, exemplifying the power of passion and perseverance.

“My contribution to the company’s mission goes beyond just business; it aligns with a greater purpose. My personal life goals seamlessly intertwine with the company’s mission. Fitness, to me, epitomizes dedication, discipline, and consistency. In both the business world and the realm of fitness, women often feel constrained by perceived limitations in strength. I want to challenge those limitations and prove that ‘I can, SHE can.'” Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe.

Just two years ago, Sanjana Desai embarked on her strength training journey under Vishal Seth’s guidance at 27 Brick House, Pune’s vibrant performance gym. This transformative experience highlighted the profound link between physical fitness and mental well-being. For Sanjana, the collaborative spirit she shares with her trainer mirrors the culture she aims to cultivate in her business at Mother’s Recipe – one of teamwork, support, and shared success, where personal and professional growth flourish hand in hand.

As a leader in the food industry Sanjana Desai’s victory reinforces the importance of balance in a healthy lifestyle. Her success story demonstrates that leadership, determination, and a commitment to well-being can coexist, setting a powerful example for women and men alike.