Motorists Protest New Vehicle Law, Block Pune-Solapur Highway

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Daund, 1st January 2024: In a strong protest against the recent amendment to the new vehicle law, motorists gathered on the Pune-Solapur National Highway in Khadki, Daund taluka, burning tyres and blocking the lane heading towards Pune. The amendment imposes a hefty fine of seven lakh rupees on drivers who flee the scene after an accident, leading to widespread opposition from drivers.

The demonstration took place on Monday afternoon, causing disruptions in the Sonarnala and Babida Dhaba areas of Khadki. Frustration among motorists grew as there was a notable absence of police and other authorities at the scene despite the passage of a considerable amount of time.

The amended law has sparked outrage among drivers, who find the fine of seven lakh rupees for fleeing an accident unfair and burdensome. Many argue that such a hefty fine is impractical, especially for those who work as drivers for others. The protesting motorists questioned the feasibility of continuing their work under the financial strain of such fines, particularly for self-employed drivers who have taken loans to afford their vehicles.

The rising costs of vehicle installments and fuel, combined with the additional burden of fines for accidents, pose a significant threat to the viability of the transport business. Motorists expressed their concerns that the new law will push vehicle owners and drivers to the brink, forcing them to shut down their businesses. They fear an impending period of financial struggle and warned of a potential outbreak if the law is not revoked immediately.

The protestors are demanding the immediate repeal of the oppressive fine law, threatening to go on strike until their demands are met. The demonstration led to a standstill in traffic towards Pune, causing inconvenience for passengers. Despite the disruption, the absence of police and other authorities at the scene allowed the protest to continue without intervention.