MSEDCL’s New Year Gift: Immediate New Electricity Connections with Infrastructure Costs Covered

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Pune, 1st January 2024: In a New Year initiative, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), is set to provide immediate new electricity connections or increased electricity loads to all consumer categories, excluding agricultural pumps. As part of the New Service Connection (NSC) scheme, MSEDCL will bear the cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process for electricity consumers. This move aligns with MSEDCL’s commitment to enhancing customer service and facilitating the electrification process.

Under the NSC scheme, consumers applying for new electricity connections or load modifications will have the necessary infrastructure and system works undertaken by MSEDCL at no cost to them. The only charges incurred by the consumer will be the service connection fee and the security deposit amount.

To ensure the effective implementation of the NSC scheme, MSEDCL has issued strict instructions to its field offices. The circular emphasizes offering the NSC scheme as the primary option to customers applying for new electricity connections. The directive aims to streamline the process and provide customers with a seamless experience while availing themselves of the new service.

While the NSC scheme takes center stage, MSEDCL is also implementing two other schemes: Non DDF Consumer Contribution & Refund (CC&RF) and Dedicated Distribution Facility (DDF). In the CC&RF scheme, consumers undertake the construction of necessary electricity infrastructure at their own cost, and reimbursement is adjusted in their monthly electricity bills.

The DDF scheme caters to builders or individual consumers willing to construct separate power lines, distribution boxes, substations, and other infrastructure at their own expense. While the power system remains dedicated to the consumers, MSEDCL takes over responsibility for maintenance and repairs.

MSEDCL has observed instances where only the DDF scheme option is being provided in some regions of the state. In response, MSEDCL has reiterated its policy to accept applications for new electricity connections and load modifications under the NSC or CC&RF scheme. Customers opting for the DDF scheme are advised to submit written applications, and regional offices have been directed to facilitate this process.

This proactive approach by MSEDCL aims to simplify the application process for electricity consumers, ensuring they have access to immediate new connections while addressing the specific needs of different consumer categories. The company remains committed to providing efficient and customer-centric services in the coming year.