Motorman’s Alertness Saves Girl From Kidnapper At Pune Station

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Pune, 11th September 2022: The abduction of a 10-year-old girl has come to light due to the vigilance of a motorman of the Lonavala-Pune local train on Saturday night.


A child’s cry was heard near Pune station. The alert motorman pressed the emergency brake and stopped the local. He ran towards the sound. A person was seen in the dark holding the girl’s mouth, picking her up, and running away.


The girl was rescued with the help of passengers. Taking advantage of the darkness, the accused escaped. This incident took place on Saturday(10th September) around 11:30 pm the shed at Pune railway station.


On Saturday night, a little girl was heard screaming near the Pune station loco shed. A person was seen picking up the girl and pressing her mouth. Mohammad Rafiq Amir Sulemani (55) stopped the train by pressing the brake and got down with the passengers and tried to catch him. The accused ran away leaving the girl there.

She had left for Kirloskarwadi by Mahalakshmi Express along with her mother. Everyone immediately rushed to platform number one. After searching for the mother, the daughter was handed over to her. Seeing her mother, the girl burst into tears. When the CCTV of the station was checked, it was seen that the accused was sitting next to her. He had forced the girl to run away.


Speaking to the media, Sulemani said, “God has done this good deed for me. Otherwise, anything could have happened to that girl”.

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