MSRDC Initiates HTMS to Enhance Safety on Pune-Mumbai Expressway

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Mumbai/Pune, 13th June 2024: To tackle unruly traffic on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, the Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) is set to be implemented. Various components of this system are in the final stages of implementation, aimed at significantly reducing accidents caused by reckless driving.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has undertaken several initiatives under HTMS, including the installation of speed detection systems, lane violation detection systems, and systems for monitoring lane discipline. These measures will enable authorities to take immediate action against drivers violating speed limits and lane discipline, imposing fines as necessary. Currently, traffic police and highway authorities are actively addressing reckless driving incidents.

The Pune-Mumbai Expressway, known for its bends, ghats, waterfalls, and scenic spots, often sees vehicles stopping on the roadside, contributing to traffic hazards. To mitigate this, plans include designated stopping facilities at intervals along the route. Additionally, special halts are proposed for heavy vehicles after navigating steep sections, equipped with amenities such as tea stalls and toilets. Currently, heavy vehicles stopping on the highway itself after climbing ghats frequently lead to accidents involving the following vehicles.

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Rahul Vasaikar, Superintendent Engineer at the MSRDC, confirmed that these HTMS initiatives are nearing completion. He expressed confidence that once operational, these measures will effectively control unruly traffic and reduce accidents on the expressway.