Pune: 15 Individuals Questioned Over Alleged Involvement in Kalyani Nagar Porsche Crash

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Pune, 13th June 2024: In Pune’s Kalyani Nagar Porsche incident, before the minor accused killed two young IT engineers, he consumed alcohol at two pubs. There was a party at these pubs, and it has now come to light that Pune Police interrogated 15 others who were with the boy at the party. Each person contributed Rs 2,500, while the minor accused paid the remaining bill of Rs 48,000. Yesterday, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) extended the minor accused’s stay in the Remand Home for Boys until 25th June.

On 19th May, the intoxicated minor fatally struck two people on a two-wheeler while speeding in Kalyani Nagar. Following this incident, the police have been proactive, arresting the minor accused’s parents, Shivani and Vishal Agarwal, grandfather Surendra Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Ajay Taware, Dr. Shrihari Halnor, and hospital peon Atul Ghatkamble from Sassoon Hospital, along with the employees and owners of the pubs that served alcohol to the minor.

Before the accident, the minor accused visited Cosie and BLAK pubs for a party with his friends, where he consumed alcohol. Police have interrogated about 15 others who were present at the party. It has been revealed that each of them contributed Rs 2,500, while the minor accused settled the remaining Rs 48,000 bill.

The minor accused’s blood samples were allegedly tampered with at Sassoon Hospital, prompting police to question employees within the hospital’s Forensic Department and obtain statements from nurses. Medical Superintendent Yallapa Jadhav’s statement was recorded yesterday.

‘Rap Artist’ Neekhra Interrogated by Pune Police

Following the Kalyani Nagar Porsche incident, an insensitive rap video about the accident was created by a content creator named Aryan Dev Neekhra, which went viral on social media. Rumors suggested the rap was sung by the minor accused due to a perceived resemblance between Neekhra and the accused. However, the minor accused’s mother clarified that the rap was not created by her son. The Cyber Police began investigating, and Neekhra, a Delhi-based content creator, was located. Notices were issued to both Neekhra and Shubham Shinde, who shared the video. Neekhra, accompanied by his lawyers, visited the police station several days ago, where he was interrogated by Pune Police.