Multiple Indians Have Been Targets Of Hate Crimes In Canada In Last Few Years

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Brampton, 3rd October 2022: On 23rd September 2022, the Indian Foreign Ministry advised Indian citizens and students in Canada to be alert. It has been only about 10 days since a park named after a Hindu scripture was targeted in Brampton. There was also a strong reaction from India to this incident, but the period of violence does not end here. If we look at the last few months or years, Indians have had to face many things like anti-India activities in Canada, hate crimes (crimes due to hate), or things related to the country.



A new garden, Shri Bhagavad Gita Park, in Brampton, was ransacked. The incident was confirmed by local mayor Patrick Brown via Twitter. The Indian High Commission in Canada has also given a strong reaction to this incident. Brown has made it clear that the Canadian authorities follow a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ on such things. However, looking at past events, this claim appears hollow.


February 2022:

During that period, within just 2-3 months, reports of thefts came to light in six Hindu temples in the Greater Toronto area. Due to this, the local Hindu community became very worried. In most cases, cash and some jewellery were stolen from the donation box. There are reports that it started with theft in the Hindu Sabha temple and Shri Jagannath temple in November 2021. Both these temples are also in Brampton.


March 2022:

Harmandeep Kaur, 25, of Kapurthala, Punjab, was murdered. Kaur was allegedly attacked on the head with a rod by a Canadian national, due to which she died. The Indian citizen had received education in Canada itself.


April 2022:

Kartik Vasudev, a 21-year-old student from Ghaziabad, was shot in Toronto, Canada. He was studying Global Management at Seneca University. Shortly after starting college, he started working in a restaurant in the downtown area. He was shot while on his way to work.


July 2022:

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Vishnu temple located in the Yonge Street and Garden Avenue areas of Richmond Hill City in Ontario, Canada, was vandalized. This information was given by York Regional Police. There was a strong reaction from India to this incident too. India had also demanded an inquiry into the incident.


August 2022:

Punjabi media host Joti Singh Mann was attacked by three armed men in the suburbs of Toronto. The video of this brutal attack in Canada went viral. He was a resident of Brampton in the Greater Toronto area.


September 2022:

Anti-Indian things were written on the walls of Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto. There were reports that pro-Khalistan slogans were also written on the walls. India expressed displeasure over the matter and demanded action.


September 2021:

A Hindu family worshipping in a park in Mississauga was attacked by teenagers.


September 2021:

Young Prabhjot Singh Khatri, 23, was murdered in his apartment. According to media reports, the strings of this incident were also related to racial violence.


August 2021:

The Komagata Maru Memorial is targeted. The attack on the Coal Harbor in Vancouver was described as a racial attack by the migrants.


March 2021:

The Tricolour and Maple rally organized by Indian citizens was attacked by Khalistani supporters. In a car rally organized in Brampton, Khalistan supporters abused people.


June 2020:

Rachel Albert, 23, a student from Tamil Nadu, was attacked with knives.


The number of Indian expatriates in Canada is quite large. Many students move to Canada for higher education. Canada is second only to the US in this regard. The share of the Sikh community is the highest among those going to Canada from India. Statistics show that 60 to 65 percent of those applying to move from India to Canada are Punjabis. The Punjabi Sikh community in Canada has grown economically and politically in the last few years. There are reports that some sections of the community have been supporting and providing help to the Khalistani separatist movement for decades.


When Canadian Prime Minister Justice Trudeau visited India in 2018, an invitation was also sent to a man who was convicted of the murder of a Punjab Minister in 1986. However, the Canadian authorities had to withdraw the invitation.


There was fierce opposition in India regarding the three agricultural laws. However, the Government of India took them back. During that time, support was given to the protesting farmers on behalf of PM Trudeau who said that the situation is ‘worrying’. “Let me remind you that Canada will always protect the rights of peaceful protestors,” he said on the occasion of the Gurpurab.


Here, there was also a sharp reaction from the Indian government and questions were raised about the comments of Canadian leaders. India had termed the statements made by Canadian leaders as “misinformation” and “inappropriate”.


According to the language, India also reacted sharply to the “so-called Khalistani referendum” in Canada, saying it was “highly objectionable” that radical and extremist elements in a friendly country were allowed such politically motivated activity. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi told reporters that India has taken up the matter with the Canadian administration through diplomatic channels and will continue to take up the issue with Canada. He had termed the so-called Khalistani plebiscite as a fake exercise.


The Ministry of External Affairs said in September that there has been a sharp increase in incidents of hate crimes, racial violence and anti-India activities in Canada, so Indian citizens and students there are advised to be alert.