Nagpur renowned globally by recipients of the Nagbhushan award   – Devendra Fadnavis

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Nagpur, 30 June 2019: The Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis today showered accolades on the Nagbhushan Awardees from various walks of life who have performed notable work in their fields and added to the reputation of Nagpur City globally..

Shri Devendra Fadnavis was speaking at the Nagbhushan Award Distribution ceremony organized by the Nagbhushan Foundation at the Chinavis Center at Nagpur today. The Nagbhushan Awardee for 2017 Air Marshal Retired Shri Shirish Deo and for 2018 Shri Vijay Barse , the founder of the Slum Soccer , Mayor Smt Nanda Jichkar, Former Member of Parliament Shri Ajay Sancheti, Shri Ashok Gandhi, Shri Satish Goyal, Shri Vilas Kale, Shri Zamin Amin, Shri Nishant Gandhi and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. Air Marshal Retired Shri Shirish Deo and Shri Vijay Barse , the founder of the Slum Soccer ere facilitated at the hands of the Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis and were awarded the Nagbhuhan Award.

The Chief Minister stated that Nagpur city and its residents have left their foot prints in various walks of life. The Nagbhushan Award took shape with an objective to felicitate and honor various persons in Nagpur and Vidarbha area working in various walks of life. Nagpur city has maintained its peculiar characteristics in many ways. The Nagbhushan Awardee for 2017 Air Marshal Retired Shri Shirish Deo carried out significant and valuable research research and worked in the direction of making our country self reliant in defence sector and was aptly felicitated for his service to the country by awarding him the Nagbhushan Award.

Showering accolades on the Shri Vijay Barse , the founder of the Slum Soccer and the Nagbhushan Awardee for 2018, The Chief Minister stated that Shri Vijay Borse has raised the name of Nagpur city very high in the world through the Slum Soccer in the field of sports. He is a source of energy for the youth. Children and youth have lot of energy in them, which should be utilized in for positive purposes. This benefits the society as a whole and in turn the nation as well. Sports contain good potential to inculcate sportsman spirit in the individuals playing sports. It is necessary to spread awareness about the outdoor games amongs the school going students and the youth. Works of gigantic nature take shape out of self inspiration Shri Fadnavis stated that Shri Borse has succeeded in giving a positive direction to the energy in the youth through his Slum Soccer Organization and helped in bringing the society in unison .

Air Marshal shri Dev stated that Nagpur is a leading city in many fields. He further stated that many genius have carved a place for Nagpur city through their yoman service in various walks of life..

The founder of slum Soccer and Nagbhushan Awardee Shri Vijay Borase stated that football only was his life and hence the concept of Slum Soccer initiated therefrom. The youth has large potential and energy in them which needs to be given proper direction and chanelised. Football plays an important role here. Slum Soccer has created miracles only because of the dedicated players of the club..

Shri Vilas Kale stated that the Nagbhushan Award started on the occasion of tricentenal anniversary of the Nagpur City. Youth Award was also initiated amongst the Nagbhushan Awards. Shri Kale stated that awards are not won by luck alone , but involves a lot of efforts and perseverance.

Shri Ajay Sancheti presented the concept and the tradition of the Nagbhushan Award in his keynote address.

Smt Shraddha Bharadwaj compered the program and Shri Nishant Gandhi proposed th vote of thanks.