Nail Art a booming trend or business?

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Whether you like subtle nail art or the more Avant-garde nail art designs, the trend has something for everyone. One of the things we love to do, when we’ve got a little time on our hands is our nails. Nail polish which was merely a finger decoration, but now it’s an artistic statement. An art which few years back was just an add-on or a complimentary service with manicures & pedicures is now has turned into a full-fledged business.

According to 2016 survey by Nail Magazine “Nails is a popular second career”. It is not just trending in today’s fashion but it has become a jewelry statement for women all around the world. The art is entering in the mainstream now as you see Nail art on celebrities, advertisements and fashion.The industry is booming with not only professionals who are expert in Nail Arts but also Nail schools who are keen to spread and teach the technique.Nailists are people whose occupation is Nail Art. Though this profession haven’t got its recognition in the market but it has definitely given many women their arrow.

Priya Kripalani, owner of Le Clinique Nail Spa in Koregaon Park said “Nail Art has been a passion for me, I am always keen to learn new technique and give best quality of service to my customers”. Priya holds 15 years of experience in doing Nail Arts and also mentioned that “I search for material which I can use in my Nail art and to create different designs with diamonds, chains, shimmering stones, laces and fabrics to make it look more vibrant and classy as customer demand”.

In India, the Nail business has an estimated size of INR 51 billion ($950 million). But if we compare Indian Nail business with USA, China, Singapore and other countries we are 3 years behind in matter of products and techniques. Priya Kripalani who learnt this art from Singapore and spent years researching about the Nail Art product and their quality said that “There are very less brands in India who supply products related to Nail Art, the quality and quantity of products which one can get from outside are still not available in Indian market. But as online shopping is in trend AliExpress has variety of products for Nails and easy to shop from”.

This art is not easy as it looks. Reena, the owner of Reena’s Nail Care Studio in Wanowrie said “creating design or drawing it on nails is a fine work and needs a lot of patience, as a normal art takes about an hour or so to be completed there are several things to be taken care of”. She also added “If maintained properly Nail extensions and any type of Nail art will not chip easily and stick for longer time without damaging your nails”