Nana Patekar Clarifies Misunderstanding Surrounding Viral Video Incident

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Pune, 16th November 2023: In response to a viral video depicting him slapping a boy who attempted to take a selfie, renowned actor Nana Patekar has issued a clarification, shedding light on the incident.

Patekar, addressing the video, explained, “A video is going viral where I have hit a boy. Though this sequence is a part of our film, we had one rehearsal…We were scheduled to have a second rehearsal. The director told me to begin. We were about to begin when the boy in the video came in. I didn’t know who he was; I thought he was one of our crew. So, I slapped him as per the scene and I told him to leave.”

The actor continued, stating that after the incident, he discovered that the individual in question was not a part of the film crew. Expressing regret, Patekar added, “Later, I came to know that he was not a part of the crew. So, I was going to call him back, but he ran away. Maybe his friend shot the video.”

Patekar emphasized that he has never refused anyone a photo and clarified that the incident was a mistake. He apologized, saying, “I have never said no to anybody for a photo. I don’t do this…This happened by mistake…If there is some misunderstanding, please forgive me…I will never do anything like this…”

The actor’s statement aims to address the circumstances surrounding the viral video, attributing the incident to a misunderstanding during the filming process. Patekar reassured the public that he holds no intention of denying fans a photo and extends an apology for any confusion or distress caused by the incident.