Nationwide Strike of Tax Consultants Against The Provisions Of GST

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Pune, 25 January 2021: Tax consultants, traders, chartered accountants and other stakeholders across the country have rallied against the oppressive terms, provisions and complicated computer system in the Goods and Services Tax imposed by the Central Government. Tax advisers across the country have called for an Elgar on Friday (January 29) against the provisions of the GST. Protest will be held at GST office, near Wadia College, Pune on Friday at 10 am.


The All India Protest Committee, led by the Western Maharashtra Tax Advisory Association, will hold a protest in front of the central office of the Income Tax Department (GST) across the country at 10 am on Friday, said Narendra Sonawane, national president of the All India Protest Committee. President of West Maharashtra Tax Advisors Association Vilas Aherkar, National Coordinator CA Swapnil Munot, Mentor of Tax Advisors Govind Patwardhan, Manoj Chitalikar, Sharad Suryavanshi were present on the occasion.


Narendra Sonawane said, “Tax advisors in India, all small and big traders, entrepreneurs have to comply with the tax laws. They are under stress that the process should be done properly. Law enforcement has to do all the work itself. In the last three to five years, the provisions of the tax system have become more and more oppressive. Taxpayers cannot be held accountable. Therefore, every year the government imposes the burden of complicated provisions and fulfillment on honest taxpayers. It is full of small, medium honest traders. We have decided to protest against the implementation of this unfair tax law. The protest has received a spontaneous response from across India, with many trade unions taking part. “


“Tax advisers are not a national apex body. They are scattered all over the country. Protests will be reported in various ways. Protests will be reported at the GST office and income tax office in Pune. Provisions for compliance with the tax law on small and medium traders should be reduced and made more tolerable. The feeling of being happier before GST is also being expressed everywhere. Dissatisfaction in Malaysia led to the cancellation of GST. It is my sincere wish that this should not happen here, “Sonawane said.


Vilas Aherkar said, “Traders do not know many things like TDS, TCS, when and how much in Income Tax Act, ‘HSN’ e-way bill in GST, input tax credit, cash ledger, credit ledger, available, utilized credit services. Some returns. The GST does not provide for the correction of monthly returns.


Since small traders do not have such facilities, they have to seek the help of tax advisors, chartered accountants. Tax advisors are the link between the government and traders/entrepreneurs. Due to oppressive conditions, chartered accountants have to work with the information of each provision. In the past, one person could handle 40-50 trades. Now that is not possible. Moreover, there are no competent assistants who know the various laws well. So the work done has to be re-examined.


This year, Corona imposed restrictions on working hours. Many traders were in financial trouble. The assistants went to their respective villages. Against this background, it was believed that the government would extend the deadline to complete the audit. However, the extension has put a strain on many, leaving three years of exhausted tax advisors and chartered accountants exhausted.”