Nawazuddin Siddiqui To Unravel Mystery in ‘Rautu Ka Raj’, ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ To Shine

Nawazuddin Siddiqui
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Pune, 24th June 2024: A diverse range of exciting content is set to hit Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms this week. From gripping mysteries to heartwarming comedies, a variety of shows and films are ready to debut. Key releases include Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s murder mystery ‘Rautu Ka Raj’ and the much-anticipated ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’, featuring Divya Dutta. Fans can expect fresh content spanning different languages and genres, making this week a treat for OTT viewers. Shows will be released on major platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, and Zee5 Global.

Among the top releases is ‘I Am Celine Dion’, a science fiction show focusing on the relationship between humans and nature. This 90-minute documentary, split into two parts, will be available in Hindi and Tamil on Amazon Prime Video starting June 25. Also releasing on June 25 is ‘Kollitz and Kollitz’, a reality show-like series on Netflix that delves into the lives of twin brothers Tom and Will, set in Los Angeles and Germany.

Following the success of its first season, ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ returns for a second season on June 26. This Netflix show offers a thrilling cautionary tale about sharing rooms with strangers. ‘Drawing Closer’, based on A.O. Morita’s best-selling novel, tells the poignant story of 17-year-old Akito, who falls in love with a girl with only six months left to live. This show premieres on Netflix on June 27.

The comedy series ‘The Bear’ will debut its third season on Disney Plus Hotstar on June 27, narrating the story of a man transforming his sandwich shop into a restaurant. On June 28, ‘Rautu Ka Raj’ featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a police officer solving a murder mystery, will be available on Zee5 Global. Also releasing on June 28 is ‘Civil War’, a series about journalists navigating a second American Civil War, which will stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Lastly, ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on June 28. This film stars Sakshi Tanwar, Divya Dutta, and Saiyami Kher, portraying the lives of three women from different Sharma families, highlighting the societal pressures and loneliness they face despite living in a big city.